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Glossary of Accounting and Finance Terms is a bilingual online retrieval tool available to public. Anyone may use it without registration or signing up. It has many advantages, including plenty of accounting and financial terms, continued maintenance, bilingual reference, dictionary-style, easy to use, easy to retrieve, and completely free. To make the Glossary of Accounting and Financial Terms perfect, editors source many credible and reliable materials, including Glossary of Accounting Terms jointly published by the Accounting bodies in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Glossary of Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards, Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the Securities and Futures Ordinance, HKEx's Securities and Financial Glossary, Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary, Google translation, etc. Glossary of Accounting and Finance Terms is suitable to practitioners in accounting and financial industry, teachers and students of Accounting and Finance Department, financial statements interpreters, financial analysts, fund managers, investors, financial columnists and other interested parties.

Glossary of Accounting and Finance Terms is solely for reference only. If there are fallacious and imperfections, please do not hesitate to give positive insight for correction and improvement.

Users of the Glossary of Accounting and Finance Terms should bear all consequences and liability themselves. Qual-Mark CPA Limited will not assume any responsibility toward any person.

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