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  Job description
  • To perform on-site audit independently 
  • To assist in planning of audit assignments and to ensure that the work is undertaken in accordance with any pre-assignment instructions
  • To identify and resolve any problems arising during the course of the audit and to report these to Executive together with recommendations
  • To ensure that the audit file is complete before it is passed on to the Executive
  • To act as the primary point of client contact during the assignment and to ensure that the client receives a high quality and responsive service at all times.
  • To identify opportunities for the firm to provide additional specialist services to clients, and to report these to the Executive and Engagement Director
  • Draft reply for simple tax inquiry 
  • Application for holding-over of provisional tax
  • Objection against tax assessmen
  Specific requirements
  1. Degree or Diploma holder with major in Accounting
  2. HKICPA/ACCA student member
  3. 1 year accounting experience preferable
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Hardworking and responsible
  6. Wishing to develop career in professional field
  7. Knowledge in using Accounting software
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